Smelly Water Kit
Smelly Water Kit
Smelly Water Kit
Smelly Water Kit
Smelly Water Kit
Smelly Water Kit
Smelly Water Kit
Smelly Water Kit
Smelly Water Kit

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Smelly Water Kit

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Style:Water Odor Kit - Chlorine

If the pH level of your spa & hot tub water is below the ideal 7.2, it indicates that your hot tub water is too acidic, and your sanitizer will be less effective. Excessive organics in water are not hygienic and unpleasant, leading to a bad odor in the spa & hot tub.

Aquadoc's Water Odor kit can help fix the water odor problem in your hot tub spa. It consists of

  1. Chlorine-Free Shock - 32 OZ
  2. Alkalinity Booster - 32 OZ
  3. Sanitizer, if your spa is bromine compatible (Bromine Tablets - 1.5 LBS)
  4. Natural Enzyme - 16 OZ

Balancing your spa water is quick and easy with AquaDoc Alkalinity Booster. Whenever the ph levels of your water become unstable, add this product to raise it to the optimal range.

Bromine Tablets rapidly dissolve into your water to work fast to help balance and sanitize your water. They act as an incredible alternative for Chlorine sanitizer.

Enhanced Non-Chlorine Shock gives your sanitizer a boost, making your sanitizer last longer. Use our Non-Chlorine shock to make your sanitizer more efficient & reduce the sanitizer smell.

Our Hot Tub Enzyme Cleaner keeps Hot Tubs Clean - Our powerful natural spa chemicals provide an effective hot tub water treatment that clarifies spa & hot tub water. AquaDoc's natural spa enzyme water treatment is a natural enzyme remover that prevents them from coming back.

Here's how you can use our Water Odor kit in 4 simple steps to help fix your water odor issue:

  1. Shock spa with Non-Chlorine Shock
  2. Add Bromine Tablets if your spa is bromine compatible. If not, you don't need to add a sanitizer
  3. Adjust pH and Alkalinity with our Alkalinity Booster
  4. Add Natural Enzyme to remove and prevent scum lines
  5. Drain, clean, and refill the spa.

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