Chlorine Hot Tub Starter Kit for Spa
Chlorine Hot Tub Starter Kit for Spa
Chlorine Hot Tub Starter Kit for Spa
Chlorine Hot Tub Starter Kit for Spa
Chlorine Hot Tub Starter Kit for Spa
Chlorine Hot Tub Starter Kit for Spa
Chlorine Hot Tub Starter Kit for Spa
Chlorine Hot Tub Starter Kit for Spa

Chlorine Hot Tub Starter Kit for Spa

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✅ All-in-one kit with essential chemicals for spa & hot tub maintenance

🟫 Prevents cloudiness and scale buildup

⚙️ Guards against corrosion and damage to spa components

"It was so convenient to order all the products I needed for my new hot tub in one package deal! They work great!" - Keith and Crystal

Why is AquaDoc the Best in Hot Tub Chemicals?

🌿 Paraben free & Aluminum free

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Complete Spa Starter Kit

The Aquadoc hot tub starter chemicals kit provides everything you need to keep your spa pristine. This Chlorine Hot Tub kit includes 

  1. Chlorinating Granules - 8 OZ
  2. pH Increaser - 16 FL OZ
  3. pH Decreaser - 16 FL OZ
  4. Alkalinity Booster - 16 FL OZ
  5. Stain & Scale Remover - 16 FL OZ
  6. Water Clarifier - 16 FL OZ
  7. Calcium Increaser - 14 FL OZ
  8. Chlorine-Free Shock - 8 OZ
  9. Water Defoamer - 8 FL OZ
  10. Test Strips
  • Complete Spa Maintenance Kit: Take the guesswork out of the spa and hot tub care with this premium hot tub water test kit! You’ll have everything you need to sanitize, clarify, clean, and test your spa.
  • High-Quality Hot Tub Products: The AquaDoc spa chemical balancer kit includes all the specialty chemicals you need to keep your spa water sparkling. Enjoy beautiful clear blue water at all times!
  • Convenient Startup Bundle: Save yourself the headache and a trip to the store with this all-inclusive hot tub chemical balancer kit! We’ve included chlorine sanitizing granules, pH balancer, cleaner, and more
  • Reliable and Effective: This hot tub start-up kit is a must-have hot tub chemical start-up kit for new and experienced spa owners. Our fast-dissolving granular chlorine efficiently disinfects your spa while preventing algae.
  • Ideal Spa Chlorine Starter Kit: In addition to preventing surface corrosion and equipment damage, this chlorine hot tub kit removes dirt, oil, scale buildup, calcium hardness, and annoying foam.


Filling & Draining

  1. Fill Spa & Hot tub to the correct water level (at least halfway up the top skimmer/filter opening)
  2. Test pH and Alkalinity using Test Strips at least weekly. pH should be between 7.2 to 7.8; total alkalinity should be between 80 to 140 ppm; water/calcium hardness should be between 200 to 400ppm. If not, make the needed adjustments using pH Increaser, pH Decreaser & Alkalinity Increaser, and Calcium Increaser accordingly
  3. Use Stain & Scale to prevent & remove mineral scale buildup and to protect your spa components
  4. Add Chlorinating Granules to dissolve contaminants in your water quickly. If your spa is not Chlorine compatible, try our Bromine Spa Starter Kit


Maintain the recommended chlorine level at all times. Aquadoc Chlorinating Granules recommends maintaining 3-5ppm of FAC (free available chlorine) while the hot tub/spa is in use. Test the chlorine level regularly, especially before and after each use. Add Chlorinating Granules as needed to achieve proper levels


  1. Test water using Test Strips; adjust total alkalinity, pH levels, and calcium hardness using pH Increaser, pH Decreaser, Alkalinity Increaser & Calcium Increaser accordingly
  2. Add Chlorinating Granules when necessary
  3. Add Water Clarifier to defend against cloudy water
  4. Add Spa Defoamer to get rid of foam
  5. Add Chlorine Free Shock after every use to quickly oxidize contaminants

Important! Circulate your Spa or Hot tub water for at least a few minutes after any chemical addition and before adding another product. Please follow the instructions on the container of each chemical in the kit carefully for maximum results and safety!

Trust in AquaDoc

You can trust that our pool and spa chemicals are held to the highest quality standards.

  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Advanced, Professional Grade Formula
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

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  • Satisfaction guaranteed! If our products don't solve your (spa-related) headaches, contact us for a 100% refund. 
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Frequently asked questions about Spa Starter Kit

Q: How often should I test and adjust my spa's pH and alkalinity levels?

A: It's recommended to test the pH and alkalinity levels at least weekly. Maintain pH levels between 7.2 to 7.8 and total alkalinity between 80 to 140 ppm using the appropriate AquaDoc products in the kit.

Q: What is the ideal chlorine level for my hot tub or spa, and how can I maintain it

A: To ensure proper sanitization, maintain chlorine levels between 3 to 5 ppm of free available chlorine (FAC). Regularly test the chlorine levels and adjust accordingly by adding Chlorinating Granules as needed.

Q: How do I handle cloudy water and foam in my spa or hot tub using the AquaDoc Chlorine Starter Kit?

A: AquaDoc's Water Clarifier effectively combats cloudy water, while the Spa Defoamer helps eliminate unwanted foam. Follow the usage instructions on the containers for optimal results and safety.

Pro Grade Formulas

Our products are trusted & used by professionals across the country.

Made in the USA

All AquaDoc products are proudly made in the USA.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If any of our products fail to live up to your standards, you get a refund.

AquaDoc relieves your headaches

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All The Chemicals You Need To Keep Your Spa's Water Properly Balanced!

If you already own a spa, or if you just purchased one, you are going to need some starter chemicals to get your water balanced. This kit includes everything you'll need to do just that. Once you run out of one of the chemicals, simply replace that particular bottle and continue keeping one of each in your home's stock. Highly recommended, especially for Amazon's low listed selling price.


Everything you need!

I was so pleased to find this Starter kit! Last year we had to buy every thing separately and let me tell you, you are saving not only time but also money buying it all together like this. It's so easy to use and you've got it all on hand. The products work quickly and accurately. I'll never go back to buying as needed, because at some point you will need everything.


Perfect starter kit

Just set up my hot tub yesterday and used some of these to get things started. I'm a pool and hot tub owner so I am familiar with chemicals.These dissolved just like they should and I didn't have any issues.This kit has about everything you need for your hot tub. Can't think of what might be missing.Overall, seems good.

Dr. Healthy

Get started with everything you'll need

Starter set of chemicals has everything you'll need to get started with your hut tub. Using chemicals in a Coleman inflatable SaluSpa and this is our first hot tub. The directions are very clear and specify how much product should be used based on gallons of water or water readings from the strips. We most often use the ph decreaser, water clarifier, water defoamer, and shock. Also usimng the test strips. Chemicals do what they are supposed to do, although the ph decreaser takes more chemical than suggested in the directions. Although we're not likely to use the other products regularly, it's nice to have them on hand should we need them. Now that we've had a great start with our hot tub, we know which chemicals we'll need to buy in the future.

Leo M.

Great kit

This kit comes with everything and anything you need to keep the right chemical accuracy in your tub.