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Pool Stabilizer and Conditioner

Pool Stabilizer and Conditioner

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Protect your pool and reduce costs by shielding chlorine from UV damage.

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Protect your pool and save money with AquaDoc's Pool Stabilizer and Conditioner. Our formula reduces chlorine loss caused by sunlight, shields pool chlorine from UV damage, and lowers maintenance costs, ensuring clean and clear water for a more enjoyable swimming experience. 

How to use
  1. Turn on circulation pump
  2. Shake product well before use
  3. Test the pool water for current cyanuric acid (stabilizer) levels using a reliable test kit.
  4. Follow dosage recommendations (located in product images above)
  5. Slowly add the required amount of Stabilizer to the pool in front of a return jet
  6. Rinse container with pool water and shake. Repeat step #5 if more product is needed.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pool Stabilizer and Conditioner?

It is a product that helps maintain the chlorine levels in your pool by protecting it from UV degradation, thereby reducing the need for frequent chlorine additions.

How do I use this product?

Turn on the circulation pump, shake the product well, test the current stabilizer levels, follow dosage recommendations, add the stabilizer in front of a return jet, and rinse the container with pool water if needed.

How much stabilizer should I use?

Dosage recommendations can be found on the product label and should be followed based on your pool size and current stabilizer levels.

Is this product safe for all types of pools?

Yes, it is compatible with all types of pools, including saltwater pools.

Can I swim immediately after adding the stabilizer?

It is recommended to wait until the product is fully dissolved and circulated throughout the pool before swimming.

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