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AquaDoc Spa Chlorine Granules for Hot tub
AquaDoc Spa Chlorine Granules for Hot tub
AquaDoc Spa Chlorine Granules for Hot tub
AquaDoc Spa Chlorine Granules for Hot tub
AquaDoc Spa Chlorine Granules for Hot tub
AquaDoc Spa Chlorine Granules for Hot tub
AquaDoc Spa Chlorine Granules for Hot tub
AquaDoc Spa Chlorine Granules for Hot tub
AquaDoc Spa Chlorine Granules for Hot tub
AquaDoc Spa Chlorine Granules for Hot tub

AquaDoc Spa Chlorine Granules for Hot tub

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  • Fast Acting Chlorinating Granules for Hot Tub - Clean your water the right way - with AquaDoc's spa chlorine treatment. AquaDoc Chlorinating granules work fast to get clean & clear water for hot tubs & spas. Use AquaDoc's chlorine for spa and you'll get results.
  • The Chlorine Spa Owners Love - Whether it's a hot tub or spa, our hot tub chlorinating granules help you treat any build-up. Our granules make it easy to adjust dosing of the chlorine granules, making it easy to use our chlorine for hot tub.
  • Spa Maintenance friendly Chlorine Granules - With our Chlorinating Concentrate, using a hot tub sanitizer makes spa maintenance easy. Our chlorine granules help you with hot tub foam and are easy to use. The chlorine for hot tubs spa owners can rely on.
  • The Ultimate Chlorinating Granules for Hot tub and spa - Our spa sanitizing granules specialize in treating your hot tub by maintaining a balance in your hot tub chemistry. Our chlorinated granules for spa are top quality spa chemicals.
  • Granulated Chlorine Made in the USA - When you choose AquaDoc, you are getting consistent quality. We take pride in manufacturing top quality products. We do the big work, so that you can sprinkle, sit back and relax, to see the AquaDoc magic happen.
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David B.
United States

Never received them

Chlorine granules never came.

United States United States


This was a super fast purchase and delivery was super quick! Awesome customer service and the product worked amazingly! Will definitely buy again!

MAV Aqua Doc AquaDoc Spa Chlorine Granules for Hot tub Review
Andrea B.
United States United States

Highly Recommend!

It works perfectly to keep our hot tub ready at all times. We use our hot tub daily, as a family of five. Every time we get out we put a few teaspoons of this in and cover the tub. We use one of those blue bubble wrap floating covers and a super thick 6" spa lid. Every day when we get in, it's a perfect spa with just the right amount of that chlorine smell that tells me it's clean. I love that smell. Before we used this it would always kinda smell like moss or a tinge of "Froggie" smell. Update : 3 weeks later and still use this daily. Now I just dump a lid full in after each use. I stopped using the blue bubble wrap and just rely on the thick lid that came with the tub. If I forget to use this product, the water does get gross pretty fast- like a dead frog/swamp smell. To fix that I shock the tub by dumping like 3 lid fulls in and turn on the bubbles and let it run for 24 hrs- I also take out the filter and spray it clean with the garden hose and replace it again.

colleen w.
United States United States

A great product

This product works great! it quickly worked to make my hot tub water look clean and clear!I l love this product!

Jeffrey T.
United States United States

great product

It came time to get more chlorine granules for my hot tub. I usually buy it cheap from a local discount store. But those days are gone, I guess. There were none at two stores I went to and the third had an option which was almost twice as much as I am used to paying. So online I went. I have used AquaDocs chemicals and products before and found I am always happy with them. So I decided to get the granules from them with the latest order. It came quickly and the packing was slightly bigger than I was expecting. The container measures 9.5” x 3”. It is a bottle made well so it will hold up to opening and closing without worries and I can keep it out near the hot tub instead of finding it a shaded area to stay in. I got it out and planned on using it after I gave the hot tub a good wipe down. I used as directed and walked away. I came back later that after noon and wanted to check on its progress and to see if I was going to be able to use it later that night. I am always worried that the chemicals I use are going to be too strong to be around it. I was very happy to find that the water was clear and the smell was minimal. It also meant I could get in the hot tub before I go to sleep which is a major benefit of me falling asleep faster and staying asleep harder. I really like this product and would definitely recommend it and I will order it again soon.