Aqua Doc is your Professional Grade pool and spa chemical supplier. Founded in the suburbs of Lancaster, PA by fellow pool owners, we understand that maintaining a pool and spa can sometimes have obstacles.

We strive to help water enthusiasts overcome these struggles. However, we also realize that frustrations associated with balancing water levels are minute compared to the obstacles facing those without a clean water supply.

Our mission is to provide the world with clean water.

Over 700 million people worldwide don't have access to clean water

Many men, women, and children in developing nations suffer from a lack of access to clean water. This results in an increase in disease, poor mental health, and often requires mothers to travel miles to collect water for their family.

Bringing clean water to developing countries

At AquaDoc, our focus is to help focus attention on providing families in developing nations with clean water.

We tackle the clean water crisis in 3 core ways:

  1. Raising awareness - Many people are unaware that such a crisis exists. We work to drive awareness of this issue through the use of digital media.
  2. Education - Even those who are aware of clean water issues may not understand depth of the problem. At AquaDoc, we educate our customers on why this is such an important issue and how they can make a difference.
  3. Giving back - A portion of proceeds go toward charities associated with helping people in developing countries gain access to safe, clean water.


Professional Grade Products

We arm you with top quality products to conduct surgery on your pool and spa. When you purchased from the Aqua Doc, you can rest easy knowing that you'll receive a product that is held to the highest quality standards.

Made in the USA

Every Aqua Doc product is made, packaged, and shipped in the USA. When you order from Aqua Doc, you're helping provide an income for hard working fellow Americans. We greatly appreciate your business. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Order from Aqua Doc with confidence. We honor a 100% money back guarantee for every order. Customer satisfaction is our #1 focus. If our product does not live up to your expectations for any reason, we will provide you with a refund - no questions asked.

Free Shipping on All Orders over $50

All orders over $50 from MAV Aqua Doc are shipped Free via USPS Priority Mail.

Beautiful spa setting. Cleaned with Aqua Doc spa chemicals.