Hot tub & Spa Water Balancer Kit
Hot tub & Spa Water Balancer Kit
Hot tub & Spa Water Balancer Kit
Hot tub & Spa Water Balancer Kit
Hot tub & Spa Water Balancer Kit
Hot tub & Spa Water Balancer Kit
Hot tub & Spa Water Balancer Kit

Hot tub & Spa Water Balancer Kit

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✅ Helps achieve and maintain ideal pH and alkalinity levels

✨ Promotes clear water by preventing cloudiness and scale buildup

🍃 Enhances the overall spa or hot tub experience

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Did you know that the water in your spa should be maintained at a pH of 7.2 - 7.8, total alkalinity from 80 to 140 ppm, and calcium hardness from 200 to 400 ppm?

Our Water Balancer Kit for hot tub spas will help you maintain your hot tub chemistry effectively. It consists of

  1. pH Increaser - 16 FL OZ
  2. pH Decreaser - 16 FL OZ
  3. Alkalinity Booster - 16 OZ
  4. Calcium Increaser - 14 FL OZ

pH Increaser & Decreaser For Hot Tub Spa - When your hot tub pH is not at an ideal level, it indicates that your hot tub water is too acidic, and your sanitizer will be less effective.

Our pH Increaser and Decreaser for the hot tub will help you maintain your hot tub chemistry balance. If your spa's pH measure is below its range, use pH Increaser to raise the pH and if the pH measure is above its range, use pH Decreaser to reduce it. They help treat cloudy tub, scale build-up, and more.

Alkalinity Increaser You Can Rely On - Using Alkalinity Booster helps you safeguard your Hot tubs and Spas and makes balancing your spa water quick and easy. Whenever the alkalinity levels of your water become unstable, add our hot tub alkalinity increaser to raise it to the optimal range.

It might prevent corrosion and etching on metal and plaster and also helps in reducing skin and eye irritation due to chemical imbalance levels.

The Calcium Hardness Increaser Hot Tub Owners Love - When it comes to Spa Chemicals calcium hardness increaser is a must-have. Our spa calcium hardness increaser is vital to ensuring proper water hardness levels in your hot tub. AquaDoc's Calcium Booster gets your hardness up. It is your best defense against soft water in your hot tub or spa.

Without hot tub chemicals calcium hardness can become unbalanced. Always have a hot tub calcium booster ready and waiting.

All of our Hot Tub Chemicals are Made in the USA - When you choose AquaDoc, you are getting consistent quality. We take pride in making quality products. We do the big work so that you can sprinkle, sit back and relax, to see the AquaDoc magic happen.

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Frequently asked Water Balancer Kit questions

Q: Why is it important to maintain specific levels of pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness in my hot tub or spa?

A: Maintaining the recommended pH level (7.2 - 7.8), total alkalinity (80 to 140 ppm), and calcium hardness (200 to 400 ppm) ensures water comfort, equipment protection, and a safe and enjoyable spa experience.

Q: How do the pH Increaser and Decreaser in the kit help balance my hot tub's chemistry?

A: The pH Increaser and Decreaser are used to adjust the pH level as needed. Use the pH Increaser to raise the pH if it's below the recommended range and the pH Decreaser to lower it if it's above the range, effectively treating issues like cloudy water and scale build-up.

Q: How does the Alkalinity Booster in the kit benefit my hot tub or spa water?

A: The Alkalinity Booster safeguards your hot tub or spa by quickly and easily balancing the water. It helps prevent corrosion, etching, and skin or eye irritation caused by unstable alkalinity levels.

Q: Why is the Calcium Hardness Increaser essential for my hot tub or spa, and how does it work?

A: The Calcium Hardness Increaser is crucial for maintaining proper water hardness levels in your hot tub. It prevents issues related to soft water and safeguards your equipment. AquaDoc's Calcium Booster efficiently increases calcium hardness to optimal levels for a safe and enjoyable spa experience.

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