Smarter Chlorine Kit for Hot Tub
Smarter Chlorine Kit for Hot Tub
Smarter Chlorine Kit for Hot Tub
Smarter Chlorine Kit for Hot Tub
Smarter Chlorine Kit for Hot Tub
Smarter Chlorine Kit for Hot Tub
Smarter Chlorine Kit for Hot Tub
Smarter Chlorine Kit for Hot Tub
Smarter Chlorine Kit for Hot Tub
Smarter Chlorine Kit for Hot Tub

Smarter Chlorine Kit for Hot Tub

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✅ Maintains water chemistry at ideal levels

✨ Offers precise control over chlorine levels for safe and effective sanitation

🍃 Ensures a safe and hygienic spa or hot tub environment

Why is AquaDoc the Best in Hot Tub Chemicals?

🌿 Paraben free & Aluminum free

📦 Fast Shipping

🇺🇸 Made in the USA

Struggling with spa chlorine issues?

Say goodbye to the strong smell and skin irritation with AquaDoc’s innovative Smarter Chlorine solution.

Our kit includes Chlorine Granules 32oz, Non-Chlorine Shock 32oz, and Natural Enzyme 16oz. It helps you cut down on the chlorine cost, smell, and eye/skin irritation by combining the effectiveness of Chlorine with the gentleness and environmental benefits of natural alternatives.

Use less chlorine by pairing it with non-chlorine shock – which is a more natural alternative that does the heavy lifting of sanitizing your hot tub. Non-chlorine shock is more stable and is less likely to dissipate quickly than hot tub chlorine.

Help your chlorine tackle smells and cloudy water caused by organic matter with AquaDoc’s specialized Natural Enzyme formula. Unleash a powerful blend of natural enzymes that help break down oils and lotions to keep your hot tub water clean and clear. The Natural Enzyme is a natural alternative to traditional chemicals, making it a smarter choice for both you and the environment.

Overall, the AquaDoc Smarter Chlorine Kit is the smarter choice for anyone looking to keep their hot tub or spa water clean, clear, and comfortable while also being mindful of their budget, water quality, and impact on the environment.

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    Frequently asked questions about Smarter Chlorine Kit

    Q: How does the Smarter Chlorine Kit help with the strong smell associated with traditional spa chlorine?

    A: The Smarter Chlorine Kit combines the effectiveness of Chlorine with the gentleness of natural alternatives, significantly reducing the strong chlorine smell and providing a more pleasant spa experience.

    Q: What's the advantage of using non-chlorine shock in this kit?

    A: Non-chlorine shock is a stable and long-lasting alternative to traditional hot tub chlorine. It effectively sanitizes your hot tub, helps reduce chlorine usage, and minimizes the likelihood of quick chlorine dissipation.

    Q: How does the Natural Enzyme formula in the kit contribute to clean and clear hot tub water?

    A: AquaDoc's specialized Natural Enzyme formula breaks down oils and lotions, effectively addressing organic-induced odors and cloudy water. This natural alternative keeps your hot tub water clean and clear, promoting a more pleasant spa environment.

    Q: What makes the AquaDoc Smarter Chlorine Kit a smart choice for spa owners?

    A: The kit offers a budget-friendly, quality-focused solution for maintaining hot tub water. It minimizes chlorine-related issues, enhances water quality, and is eco-conscious, making it the ideal choice for spa owners looking for an efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

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    Tom H.
    United States United States

    Tom H

    Mediocre as I was pleased with chorine but shock was disappointing as it did not raise free chlorine level

    Monique S.
    United States United States

    Easy and effective cleaning kit

    This is the best kit for keeping a hot tub clean. Our water is crystal clear