Eye Irritation Kit
Eye Irritation Kit
Eye Irritation Kit
Eye Irritation Kit
Eye Irritation Kit
Eye Irritation Kit
Eye Irritation Kit
Eye Irritation Kit

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Eye Irritation Kit

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Style:Eye Irritation Kit - Chlorine

Did you know that the water in your spa should be maintained at a pH of 7.2 - 7.8? If the pH level is lower than 7.2 and if your spa and hot tub water are not sanitized regularly, it can lead to eye irritation when exposed to such water.

Our Eye Irritation Kit for hot tub spa helps sanitize your water and raises the pH to the optimum levels. It consists of

  1. Chlorine-Free Shock - 32 OZ
  2. Sanitizer (Chlorinating Granules - 32 OZ / Bromine Tablets - 1.5 LBS)
  3. pH Increaser - 32 FL OZ

Our pH increaser for the hot tub will help you maintain your hot tub chemistry balance. If your spa's pH measure is below the ideal 7.2, use pH Increaser to raise the pH. 

Our Sanitizers rapidly dissolve into your water to work fast to help balance and sanitize your water. If your spa is chlorine compatible, use our Chlorinating Granules and if your spa is bromine compatible, use our Bromine Tablets to sanitize your spa.

Enhanced Non-Chlorine Shock boosts your Chlorine and Bromine, making your sanitizer last longer. Use our Non-Chlorine shock to make your sanitizer more efficient & reduce the sanitizer smell.

Here's how you can use our Eye Irritation kit in 2 simple steps to help fix your spa and hot tub water chemistry and sanitize it:

  1. Adjust pH with our pH Increaser
  2. Shock spa with our Non-Chlorine Shock and add Sanitizer, and maintain the sanitizer level

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