Skin Irritation Kit
Skin Irritation Kit
Skin Irritation Kit
Skin Irritation Kit

Skin Irritation Kit

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Skin Irritation Kit for Spa & Hot Tub

If your spa and hot tub water is not sanitized regularly, it can lead to skin irritation when exposed to it. It is essential to sanitize your spa and hot tub water regularly and maintain a free chlorine level of 3-5 ppm to keep it hygienic.

Our Skin Irritation Kit for hot tub spas helps keep your water sanitized and reduces the risk of skin irritation. It consists of 

  1. Chlorine-Free Shock - 32 OZ
  2. Chlorinating Granules - 32 OZ

Our Chlorinating Granules rapidly dissolve into your water to work fast to help balance and sanitize your water. Add our Chlorine Granules accordingly to maintain the chlorine level of 3-5ppm.

Enhanced Non-Chlorine Shock gives your Chlorine a boost, making your sanitizer last longer. Use our Non-Chlorine shock to make your sanitizer more efficient & reduce the sanitizer smell.

Here's how you can use our Skin Irritation kit in 2 simple steps to sanitize your spa and hot tub water:

  1. Shock spa with our Non-Chlorine Shock and add Chlorinating Granules
  2. Maintain Free Chlorine Level between 3-5ppm for safe use.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Skin Irritation Kit

Q: How does the Skin Irritation Kit help in reducing skin irritation in my spa or hot tub?

A: The AquaDoc Skin Irritation Kit is designed to keep your spa and hot tub water sanitized, thereby reducing the risk of skin irritation. The combination of Chlorine-Free Shock and Chlorinating Granules works effectively to maintain the appropriate chlorine levels, ensuring a hygienic and skin-friendly environment.

Q: What is the role of Chlorinating Granules in the Skin Irritation Kit, and how do they work?

A: AquaDoc's Chlorinating Granules dissolve rapidly into your spa or hot tub water, effectively balancing and sanitizing the water. By adding the Chlorine Granules as directed, you can maintain the recommended chlorine level of 3-5ppm, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for users.

Q: How does the Enhanced Non-Chlorine Shock included in the kit contribute to a more efficient sanitizer?

A: The Enhanced Non-Chlorine Shock acts as a booster for your Chlorine, enhancing its effectiveness and extending the lifespan of the sanitizer. By using the Non-Chlorine shock, you can make your sanitizer more efficient, minimize unpleasant odors, and maintain a consistent level of sanitation in your spa or hot tub.

Q: What are the recommended steps for using the Skin Irritation Kit to ensure the effective sanitization of my spa or hot tub water?

A: To sanitize your spa or hot tub water effectively, start by shocking the spa with the Non-Chlorine Shock included in the kit. Next, add the Chlorinating Granules as directed to maintain the Free Chlorine Level within the recommended range of 3-5ppm, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for spa users.

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