FREE access to SmartSplash Technology!

You've already removed the guesswork out of analyzing your test strips - why not take it one step further?

SmartSplash takes your Eagle Ray device to the next level with clear, easy to follow directions on exact next steps to properly maintain your water chemistry.


AquaDoc SmartSplash Features

  • Gives specific, easy to follow directions
  • Includes pool & spa size, environment, and test strip readout for custom guidance
  • Conveniently add products needed to your cart

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does SmartSplash work with my Eagle Ray device?

A: Yes, SmartSplash was designed specifically for the Eagle Ray device. Simply register your pool or spa by filling out some basic information, and your Eagle Ray will become your key to expert water care directions.

Q: Does it cost me anything?

A: No. SmartSplash is free to use with no monthly fee or commitment. 

Q: Do I need Prescription Pro to use my Eagle Ray?

A: No, but without SmartSplash, your Eagle Ray will only give you a precise read on your test strips. With Prescription Pro, you get detailed directions on exact steps to balance your water.