Chlorinating Granules for Hot tub
Chlorinating Granules for Hot tub
Chlorinating Granules for Hot tub
Chlorinating Granules for Hot tub
Chlorinating Granules for Hot tub
Chlorinating Granules for Hot tub
Chlorinating Granules for Hot tub

Chlorinating Granules for Hot tub

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💧 Keeps spa water free of contaminants and bacteria.

✅ Provides rapid sanitization

⚡ Dissolves quickly and completely

"These chlorine granules go a long way In sanitizing my spa water. I’m happy with my purchase. Would buy again." - Wendy. T

Why is AquaDoc the Best in Hot Tub Chemicals?

🌿 Paraben free & Aluminum free

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Fast-Acting Chlorinating Granules for Hot Tubs

Achieve crystal-clear water the AquaDoc way with our spa chlorine treatment. Our chlorinating granules work quickly to ensure clean and clear water in your hot tub or spa. Trust AquaDoc for the results you can see.

Preferred by Spa Owners: AquaDoc Chlorine Granules

Spa or hot tub, our chlorinating granules tackle any buildup effortlessly. Adjusting dosing is a breeze with our granules, making hot tub chlorine treatment a cinch. Count on AquaDoc for easy maintenance.

Chlorine Granules for Spa Maintenance: Easy and Effective

Simplify spa maintenance with our Chlorinating Concentrate. Our chlorine granules combat hot tub foam and are user-friendly. Trust the chlorine spa owners rely on for a trouble-free hot tub experience.

Top-Quality Chlorinating Granules for Hot Tubs and Spas

Our spa sanitizing granules are experts at maintaining hot tub chemistry balance. AquaDoc's chlorinated granules are your top-quality solution for spa chemicals. Enjoy top-tier granulated chlorine, proudly made in the USA.

Granulated Chlorine Crafted in the USA by AquaDoc

Choose AquaDoc for consistent quality and spa magic. We take pride in crafting top-quality products that make hot tub maintenance a breeze. Let AquaDoc's magic work for your hot tub.

How to use our Chlorinating Granules

  1. Turn on the circulation system and ensure that it is operating properly.
  2. Scatter approximately 3 teaspoons per 500 gallons of this product over the surface of the water. Always use a clean, dry spoon.
  3. Test for FAC and add additional product, if necessary, to attain 4-5 ppm FAC.
  4. Maintain 1-3 ppm FAC (Free Available Chlorine) while the spa or hot tub is in use.
  5. After each use, shock treat with 9 teaspoons per 500 gallons of water to control odors.
  6. Repeat as needed. Re-entry into treated spas is prohibited above levels of 3 ppm of chlorine.

*See label for detailed directions

Trust in AquaDoc

You can trust that our pool and spa chemicals are held to the highest quality standards.

  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Advanced, Professional Grade Formula
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Frequently asked questions about Spa Chlorine Granules

Q: Can I use AquaDoc Chlorine Granules in both hot tubs and spas?
A: Yes, AquaDoc Chlorine Granules are designed for use in both hot tubs and spas. They effectively treat any buildup and are versatile for different types of water systems.

Q: How often should I add AquaDoc Chlorine Granules to my hot tub or spa?
A: The frequency of adding AquaDoc Chlorine Granules depends on usage and water conditions. Typically, you should add granules regularly to maintain the recommended chlorine levels. Frequent testing and adjustment ensure consistently clean and clear water.

Q: Are AquaDoc Chlorine Granules safe for my hot tub or spa equipment and plumbing?
A: Yes, AquaDoc Chlorine Granules are formulated to be safe for hot tub and spa equipment and plumbing when used as directed. Following the recommended dosage and application guidelines will help prevent any harm to your equipment and maintain its longevity.

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All AquaDoc products are proudly made in the USA.

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