Ice Melt - Safe for Concrete
Ice Melt - Safe for Concrete
Ice Melt - Safe for Concrete
Ice Melt - Safe for Concrete
Ice Melt - Safe for Concrete
Ice Melt - Safe for Concrete

Ice Melt - Safe for Concrete

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❄️ Quickly melts ice and snow

🀩 Prevents slips and falls during winter

🏠 Suitable for residential and commercial use

Why is AquaDoc the Best in Winter Maintenance?

🌿 Paraben free & Aluminum free

📦 Fast Shipping

🇺🇸 Made in the USA

Say goodbye to icy driveways, sidewalks, and outdoor surfaces with AquaDoc's Ice Melt, your ultimate solution for efficient winter maintenance.

Highly Effective Ice & Snow Melter: AquaDoc's Ice Melt swiftly and efficiently eliminates ice and snow, surpassing traditional rock salt. Experience hassle-free winter maintenance with this potent solution.

Exceptional Cold Performance: Engineered to perform flawlessly even in frigid temperatures as low as -25°F (-32°C), our calcium chloride ice melt guarantees thorough snow and ice removal to protect your surfaces.

Safe Ice Melt for Multiple Surfaces: Our alternative Snow Salt Ice Melt is not only safe for concrete but also suitable for asphalt, brick, and stone surfaces. It's the smart choice for safeguarding your driveway, sidewalk, stairs, patios, and more when used as directed.

Versatile Solution for Homes and Businesses: AquaDoc's Ice Melter is perfect for both household and commercial use. With its versatility, it's your go-to solution for efficient winter ice and snow removal, offering a great alternative to traditional snow-melting salt.

Proudly Made in the USA: When you select AquaDoc, you choose consistent quality. We take pride in crafting top-tier products right here in the USA. Say goodbye to icy driveways and enjoy the reliability of AquaDoc.

How to use AquaDoc Ice Melt

  1. Spread ICE MELT evenly over the icy surface.
  2. Allow the product to work. The ice may take a few minutes to melt, depending on its temperature and thickness.
  3. Sweep or shovel away the melted ice.
  4. For best results, apply ICE MELT before the ice and snow accumulate.
  5. Re-apply ICE MELT as needed.

*See label for detailed directions

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You can trust that our winter maintenance chemicals are held to the highest quality standards.

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  • Advanced, Professional Grade Formula
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Snow Melt

Q: How does AquaDoc Ice Melt compare to traditional rock salt for snow removal?

A: AquaDoc's Ice Melt is designed to outperform traditional rock salt for snow and ice removal. It offers a more efficient and convenient solution for winter maintenance, making it an excellent choice for effectively melting ice and snow on your surfaces.

Q: What are the extreme cold performance capabilities of AquaDoc's Ice Melt

A: AquaDoc's Ice Melt is designed to excel in temperatures as low as -25°F (-32°C). This makes it highly effective for thorough melting, ensuring your surfaces remain safe, even in extremely cold weather conditions.

Q: Is AquaDoc's Ice Melt safe for different types of surfaces, such as concrete, asphalt, brick, and stone?

A: Yes, AquaDoc's Ice Melt is safe for a variety of surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, brick, and stone when used as directed. This alternative Snow Salt Ice Melt is designed to protect your driveway, sidewalk, stairs, walkways, patios, and other outdoor surfaces without causing damage.

Q: Is AquaDoc's Ice Melt suitable for both household and commercial use

A: Absolutely! AquaDoc's Ice Melt is versatile and suitable for both household and commercial applications. It provides a convenient and efficient solution for all your winter ice and snow removal needs, making it the perfect alternative to traditional snow-melting salt. Remember to follow the usage instructions provided for the best results and surface safety.

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