Top 5 Common Maintenance Issues with Hot Tubs

Top 5 Common Maintenance Issues with Hot Tubs

Common hot tub chemical problems.

If you own a bathtub, you should be on the lookout for different issues. Fortunately, some of the maintenance issues are preventable. By utilizing preventative measures, you can prolong the life of the hot tub. If you notice any problems, you should report them immediately to ensure the issue does not worsen or cost a significant amount of money.

Below are five of the common maintenance issues with hot tubs:

1. Hot tub water won’t Heat

If the hot tub isn’t heating, it doesn’t serve its purpose. However, the cool water may be of great importance during summer because of the season's scorching temperatures. For a tub that is not heating up, it is advisable to try out the following steps:

  • Washing the filters, rinsing using a hose, and soaking it in filter cleaner.
  • Checking the water level. Also, look for blockages in the circulation system.
  • If you filled the water recently, an airlock could be present in the lines.
  • Turn the heater breaker ON and OFF. You can also reset the heater directly.

If the hot tub doesn’t respond well after all this, there is a high likelihood that the heating element has been damaged; it has to be replaced. We recommend seeking some assistance from a professional who is conversant with such issues.

2. The Jacuzzi Jets are not Working.

The jets in the hot tub usually deliver an impressive water massage. If the jets are not working correctly, it means the entire hot tub experience has been affected. Fortunately, there are some things that you can try out as you troubleshoot the main problem and find a solution.

If the jacuzzi jets aren’t working, you should take the following steps:

  • Check for debris. There might be a buildup of calcium.
  • Turn ON the jets to ensure they are open.
  • Fill the water, ensure the filters are clean, check the plumbing line, and test the water.

If the steps aren’t working, the jet lines may have been affected by an airlock. To force the air out, you can turn the jets ON and OFF. Also, you can loosen up top fittings on the pumps until the air escapes. Once the water starts to fill the pump, ensure the top fitting has been secured onto the pump.

3. Noisy Spa Pump

A noisy spa pump can prove to be a nuisance. Such an issue should be handled quickly. If the pump makes a deep growling noise, try out the following steps:

Deep growling?

The hot tub pump most likely needs water.

  • Fill the water level.
  • Clear all the blockages.
  • Ensure the valves are open.

High-Pitched Squealing?

The bearings are not in good shape.

  • The bearings should be lubricated.
  • The circulation pump should be replaced.

4. The Control Panel Showcases an Error Code

If the spa control panel showcases an error code, you should review the troubleshooting guide and the owner resources. The electrical manual can also come in handy. Look at the variation between the solutions and codes between manufacturers and hot tubs.

If you need more information on troubleshooting the hot tub, we recommend you join our hot tub information Facebook group and ask our experts.

5. Dirty jacuzzi Water

The water in your hot tub may be foamy, murky, or cloudy. It may also give off a strange odor. In such an instance, you should purchase a test strip to test the water. Take a close look at the chlorine, alkalinity, and PH levels. From there, the water should be shocked to ensure the water care products and chemicals have been distributed effectively in the water regularly.

Still cloudy & don't want to drain your water yet? Then try our Stain & Scale chemical and our Spa Water Clarifier.

You can also try out:

  • Drain the water.
  • Clean the empty tank.
  • Fix the broken parts.
  • Refill the clean water.

You should also clean the hot tub cover in such an instance. Remove the cover and lean it up against the fence or the side of your residence. Hose the tub cover down using water and use different hot tub cleaning supplies to wash the cover down. Rin the cover and give it enough time to dry before you can place it back on the spa.


If you need assistance troubleshooting any issues with your hot tub, you should contact the professionals' team within your locality. Before hiring any professional to check your hot tub, you should ensure they are certified and insured. Check online reviews to determine whether the contractor will offer quality services or not. Also, the professional handling the hot tub maintenance issues should be ready to provide references regarding clients they have served in the past few months.

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