What Are The Benefits Of Salt Water Hot Tubs?

What Are The Benefits Of Salt Water Hot Tubs?

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Picture of common benefits of having a saltwater hot tub.Hot tubs are truly a luxury that you need to experience. Installing a high-quality hot tub in or near your home can improve your life in ways that you may not have anticipated. They bring your family and friends closer together, they help you connect with the natural world around you, and they improve your health and well-being.

A few regular sessions in your personal spa can help you to lower stress, ease pain, improve sleep, and even increase your flexibility. While most people agree that there are benefits to be gained from hot tub use, some don't relish the thought of using water infused with chemicals for the purpose of relaxing.

Out of a need to provide health-conscious consumers with a natural spa experience, the salt water hot tub was conceptualized. Now spa fans can experience all of the benefits that traditional hot tubs have to offer without having to use harmful chemicals to keep their tubs clean. Here are just a few of the improvements that you'll experience when using your new salt water tub---get ready for the ultimate relaxation sensation:

Benefits of Salt Water Hot Tubs

1. Relief from muscle and joint soreness
Salt water is denser than regular water, therefore it provides you with additional buoyancy that can reduce pressure on bones and joints. A mere 20 minutes daily can significantly reduce chronic pain, ease muscle tension, and increase mental well-being that comes from feeling nice and relaxed.

2. All natural operation
Fewer chemicals in your water means fewer chemicals on your skin; salt water systems naturally regulate the levels of chlorine in your water, making water softer and more comfortable against the skin.

3. Fewer odors
Salt water systems work hard to neutralize unpleasant odors like chorine and sulfur from coming off the surface of the water. Any imbalance of manually-added additives is quickly eliminated, giving you a fresher, cleaner experience.

4. Less irritation on skin and eyes
Use of fewer chemicals means that the salt water spa causes less irritation to your skin and eyes. This leads to an overall more relaxing experience and more enjoyment out of your tub, no matter how you choose to use it.

5. Less drain maintenance with Salt Water Hot Tubs
Traditional chlorine tubs need to be drained three to four times per year to remove debris that could otherwise damage the unit. Lotions, skin cells, and other debris can quickly sludge up a system and cause eventual failure. A salt system, on the other hand, needs recycling about once per year with normal use; you can spend less time on your maintenance and enjoy your unit more frequently.

6. Salt Water Hot Tubs are Affordable
Superior design concepts and fewer operating and maintenance materials make a salt water hot tub much more affordable to use. Simple instructions for cleaning and maintaining your unit allow almost anyone to enjoy the benefits of a salt tub spa experience.

7. Relief from chronic pain
Arthritis and Fibromyalgia sufferers, take note---the use of hot tub therapy can significantly reduce chronic pain levels and promote increased range of motion in inflamed joints. With all of this added relief, you'll be running for your own personal hydromassage session more often.

8. Better sleep
With reduced stress and anxiety being at the top of the list of benefits, salt water hot tub users note that they experience better, more restful sleep. Studies link better sleep quality to a reduction in the development of chronic conditions and illnesses; regular use promotes total body health that extends beyond mere relaxation.

9. Improved social life!
With a salt water hot tub in your home or backyard, you'll be the toast of the neighborhood; design some family and friend affairs around your hot tub with some favorite food and drink, and you'll have the perfect recipe for creating some lasting memories with loved ones.

Consider adding a saltwater spa to your home
With all of these benefits to be experienced with the use of your salt water spa, consider adding one to your home for energy savings, total body health, and quality time with those you love.

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