Hot Tubs are so Hot right now - They're Selling Out

Hot Tubs are so Hot right now - They're Selling Out

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This wasn't supposed to be a Covid symptom, but Covid has resulted in a shortage of hot tubs for sale. While not quite the dilemma brought on by everyone buying up all the toilet paper, this shortage is definitely a disappointment to some who are unable to get a tub.

The world is finally realizing hot tubs are awesome

Hot tub chemicals in njIn the face of COVID-19, people are buying hot tubs in spades. It took a worldwide pandemic for the general population to realize how necessary it is to sit in front of some jacuzzi jets a few times a day/week/month. Now that people can't go anywhere, they covet to idea of being able to go outside in the cold and scoot their butt over to a heated puddle of bubbly joy.

The word is out my hot tub friends - so if you're looking to replace your current tub, then you may be out of luck for a while.

For those who weren't heavily impacted by Covid-19, this time has been mostly focused on how to make staying at home a little bit more enjoyable. With the essential paper goods stocked up, hot tubs are next to fly off of the metaphorical shelves.

Hot tub retailers in New Jersey are selling out of stock every time they turn around. Beginning in March, during the full swing of the pandemic, hot tub sales started going through the roof.

Nobody saw this coming, not even the hot tub business

The hot tub business expected a drop in sales - given a hot tub is a luxury enjoyment that you'd expect to struggle during a pandemic.

But with the economy holding up (somehow), hot tub and pool sales are skyrocketing across the country. It's forecasted that hot tub sales could increase to as much as ten percent more than the prior year.

In New Jersey, stores are reporting more than double the sales numbers from the prior year. The entire hot tub supply chain was thrown for a loop. Not only are retailers having trouble keeping up with the demand, but manufacturers are backlogged as well.

A waitlist for your staycation

If you're a proud member of our hot tub group on Facebook, you're probably already aware of the backlog. We see many members post about how they have a 3 month wait for their hot tub. That's a long 3 months of waiting and going back and forth on where you're going to put your tub.

Are you thinking of getting a tub? We highly recommend it. The best time to get a hot tub was 3 months ago. The next best time is now. 

And no, we don't sell hot tubs (yet). Just the chemicals.

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