Complete Guide to Hot Tub Filter Cartridges

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Having worked for the whole day, you need a place to unwind and relieve yourself from stress, and anxiety at least for a while. The hot tub is this place. Our hot tubs are sensitive parts that require a high standard of hygiene.

This is where the tub filter cartridge comes in handy. Your tub water may look clean and clear, but some unwanted particles and other contaminants such as body oils and lotions, and other debris are always present. Therefore a hot tub filter cartridge is the system through which the tub water is cleaned off the contaminants.

What is a Hot Tub Filter Cartridge?

The filter cartridge usually has three main parts; central core, usually made of PVC, filtration medium wrapped around the core, which is made of finely porous material and is pleated to increase the total surface area for filtration; and a sealed canister which holds the core and the medium.

How Does the Spa Filter Cartridge Work?

All water filters function in the same way. Water is pumped through the filters, and the cartridge collects the unwanted particles using the filtration medium. The medium is made of finely porous material, which traps even the microscopic particles present in the water. Its pleated design provides a large surface area, thus allowing more water to pass through it.

How to Clean the Filter Cartridge

The quality of water in your hot tub depends on the state of the cartridge filters. You should ensure to clean the filters regularly as it also increases the equipment's lifespan. The following materials go in handy with the cleaning process:

  • Stiff bristled brush
  • A closable bucket
  • Hose water pipe with nozzles
  • Cartridge cleaning solution

Step 1: Pull the cartridge filter from the assembly and remove large debris by spraying them off with water. Allow the filter to rest in direct sunlight to kill any algae spores that may be present.

Step 2: Using a brush, remove all loose particles from the brush. You can also use water to ensure all the particles are removed.

Step 3: Submerge the filter in the cleaning solution in a tightly closed bucket. Leave the filter soaked for a day or a couple of days. It is advisable to have more than one filter to alternate while cleaning.

Step 4: Carefully remove the filter and rinse it in a bucket of clean water. The irritants will remain in the water. Dry the filter cartridge and replace it.

How Often Should You Replace Your Hot Tub Filters?

Regular cleaning of the filters can help to increase their lifespan. However, the exact time that your filter can last depends on the frequency of use and many other things. For quality filters, they can last roughly between two to five years. The following are some of the indicators that will alert you that you need your filter replaced:

  • Restricted water flow. When the water flow pressure into the tub reduces, it is an indicator that the system is straining due to clogged filters. This could indicate that the filters need cleaning, but in some cases, it could require replacement.
  • When the water in the tub is no longer clear. With well-functioning filters, the tub water should always be clear. The presence of particles indicates the inefficiency of the filters, and a replacement may be required.

When the filters clog more often and need cleaning more regularly, this may indicate an underlying problem that may require replacement.
When there is a leak or crack on the cartridge filter

It would be best if you conferred with the manufacturers to know your cartridge filter's lifespan and keep track of the time to save yourself the hassle of a broken filter when you least expect.

Conclusion on spa filter cartridges

Maintaining your fillers will give it a longer lifespan and will provide the best service. Make regular cleaning a routine. Quality is also essential. To get the best quality cartridge filters of your choice and any other questions and needs regarding the filter cartridge, contact us.

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