Pristine hot tub water with Bromine Starter Kit

Crafting the ideal hot tub sanctuary demands a touch of expertise. Introducing Aquadoc's Bromine Starter Kit—an invitation to sublime waters and unwavering tranquility. More than a mere assemblage of containers, this comprehensive kit charts your course to mastering water chemistry, simplifying the journey towards a balanced, indulgent soak.

spa bromine starter kit

Let's unveil your essentials: Bromine Tablets, Bromine Booster, pH Increaser, pH Decreaser, Metal Prevent, Calcium Increaser, Chlorine-Free Shock, Water Defoamer, Floater, and Test Strips. Each constituent plays a pivotal role in preserving your hot tub's equilibrium. From bacteria-free waters to controlled pH levels and foam-free indulgence, this kit pledges an oasis of clarity and calm.

Here's how you can use the Bromine Starter Kit to ensure your hot tub remains a sanctuary of clarity and comfort.

Note: Circulate your Spa or Hot Tub water for at least 10 minutes after any chemical addition and before adding another product.

Filling & Draining:

  1. Fill Spa & Hot tub to the correct water level (at least halfway up the top skimmer/filter opening)
  2. Test pH and Alkalinity using Test Strips at least weekly. pH should be between 7.2 to 7.8; total alkalinity should be between 80 to 140 ppm; water/calcium hardness should be between 200 to 400ppm. If not, make the needed adjustments using pH Increaser, pH Decreaser, and Calcium Increaser accordingly.
  3. Use Metal Prevent to prevent staining and corrosion, to protect your spa components.
  4. Add Bromine Booster to the water and Bromine Tablets to the Spa Floater to evenly distribute Bromine in your spa water. If your spa is not Bromine compatible, try our Chlorine Spa Starter Kit.


Maintain the recommended Bromine level at all times. Aquadoc Bromine Tablets recommends maintaining 2-3ppm of Bromine while the hot tub/spa is in use. Test the Bromine level regularly, especially before and after each use. Add Bromine Booster to the water to establish a 30 ppm Bromide reserve. Add Bromine Tablets to the Spa Floater to evenly distribute Bromine in your spa water to eliminate and prevent dirt buildup and cloudy water.


  1. Test water using Test Strips; adjust total alkalinity, pH levels, and calcium hardness using pH Increaser, pH Decreaser & Calcium Increaser accordingly
  2. Add Bromine Booster and Bromine Tablets when necessary
  3. Add Spa Defoamer to get rid of foam
  4. Add Chlorine Free Shock after every use to quickly oxidize contaminants

Important! Please follow the instructions on the container of each chemical in the kit carefully for maximum results and safety!

Embark on a journey to hot tub perfection with Aquadoc's Bromine Starter Kit. Effortlessly maintain equilibrium and revel in the serenity of pristine waters. Here's to your perfectly balanced soak on the horizon.

Happy soaking!

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