Marine Polish Boat Wax
Marine Polish Boat Wax
Marine Polish Boat Wax
Marine Polish Boat Wax
Marine Polish Boat Wax
Marine Polish Boat Wax
Marine Polish Boat Wax
Marine Polish Boat Wax

Marine Polish Boat Wax

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✨ Provides a deep and durable gloss

🚤 Preserves your boat's appearance

🛡️ Shields your boat's surface from UV rays, oxidation and corrosion

"Works good easy application for a quick wax after your trip on the ocean. Leaves a nice shine on gel coat. Great quality and nice smell! Definitely recommend!" - Madison Grace

Why is AquaDoc the Best in Boat & Yacht Chemicals?

🌿 Paraben free & Aluminum free

📦 Fast Shipping

🇺🇸 Made in the USA

Premium Boat Wax for Marine Protection

AquaDoc Marine Wax is your easy-to-apply solution for high-gloss boat care, providing superior polymer protection on fiberglass and gel coat surfaces. Perfect for sun-soaked days, it also delivers essential UV protection.

Revive Your Boat's Shine with Our Boat Polish and Wax

Our premium boat polish and wax combo combats fading and oxidation, offering a specially formulated high-gloss finish. Every boat owner's must-have to keep your vessel pristine all year round.

Defend Against UV Rays with Marine Wax

AquaDoc Marine Wax doubles as a UV shield, preserving your boat's color and luster. Say goodbye to saltwater stains and sun damage with this versatile marine wax.

Effortless Cleaning with High-Gloss Marine Wax

Experience hassle-free boat maintenance with AquaDoc's boat wax. Easily tackle stubborn grime on waxed surfaces, all while combating oxidation and color fading.

Proudly Crafted in the USA by AquaDoc

Choose AquaDoc for top-notch, American-made boat care products. Our commitment to quality ensures you receive consistent excellence in every bottle.

How to use our Marine Wax

  1. Always use on a clean finish. Inspect the surface for dirt particles carefully before use.
  2. Apply product onto a foam applicator, and spread an even, thin coat to the desired surface.
  3. After a few minutes, using a microfiber towel, remove the wax. 
  4. Turn the towel over to a fresh side and repeat. Continue working in straight, up, and down lines. 
  5. Once removed, use a fresh microfiber towel to gently buff away any remaining residue.

*See label for detailed directions

Trust in AquaDoc

You can trust that our Boat & Yacht chemicals are held to the highest quality standards.

  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Advanced, Professional Grade Formula
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Frequently asked questions about our Marine Wax

Q: Is AquaDoc Marine Wax safe for all types of boats?

A: Yes, AquaDoc Marine Wax is safe and effective for use on various boat types, including fiberglass and gel coat surfaces. It's specially formulated to protect and enhance the appearance of most marine vessels.

Q: How long does the UV protection provided by AquaDoc Marine Wax last?

A: The UV protection offered by AquaDoc Marine Wax is long-lasting, but its durability may vary depending on factors like sun exposure and weather conditions. We recommend reapplying every 2-3 months to ensure continuous protection and a vibrant appearance.

Q: Can AquaDoc Marine Wax be used to remove existing oxidation and saltwater stains?

A: Absolutely! AquaDoc Marine Wax is formulated to combat oxidation and saltwater stains. It helps restore your boat's shine and makes cleaning stubborn stains easier, all while providing essential protection.

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Made in the USA

All AquaDoc products are proudly made in the USA.

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