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PC3000 Programmable Controller

PC3000 Programmable Controller

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Chemtrol® PC3000 Programmable Controller, 110/230V Fiberglass Cabinet. The Chemtrol® PC3000 controller is a fully programmable controller that features automatic control of water chemistry, water balance, water saturation and heater, all with full remote duplex capability. The user-friendly main screen display enables the operator to supervise all the process functions at a glance and to quickly respond to any changing condition. The Chemtrol® PC3000 microprocessor-based programmable controller with full remote operation capability introduces a new standard of sophistication in automated water treatment for many applications such as swimming pools, spas, waterparks and industrial water treatment. The Chemtrol® PC3000 controller operates like a computer with full-screen displays and direct access to all menus and submenus. The front panel keypad is used to move up and down each menu and enter or exit the submenus. All operating functions can be easily modified from the keypad, including sensor calibration, control setpoints, alarm levels and the programs for superchlorination, sequential backwashing, chemical saving and energy saving. With the Chemcom® communications package, any number of facilities can be monitored either by remote computer or by telephone. This allows real-time supervision by management and remote troubleshooting by a Chemtrol® Qualified Dealer or by factory technical support. The remote operation option features true duplex remote control by PC computer under Windows software, including bakground operation while running other programs. The voice telephone option includes status reports, operational control and automatic callout with voice message to up to three different phone numbers in case of emergency.
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