How to Clean your Hot Tub Filter with Vinegar

How to Clean your Hot Tub Filter with Vinegar

Ignoring a grimy hot tub filter is a great way to ensure that the system will be under stress and work improperly. The last thing you want is to try to unwind at the end of a stressful day in a warm tub full of nasty water. Cleaning is an essential maintenance step that can be easy and inexpensive.

Guide on how to clean your hot tub filter with vinegar cleaner.

Vinegar is a versatile and safe household cleaner that can be used in a variety of ways, including hot tub filters. Occassional cleaning is the best way to protect your investment and provide your family with a relaxing experience for years to come.

The Necessity of a Clean Filter

At a glance, it may seem like your filter doesn't pick up much in the way of dirt and debris. What you do not see is the body oil, skin cells, sweat, and other microscopic contaminants that would otherwise be lurking in your water. A significant buildup of grime is going to slow down the entire filtration system, and the filter itself will not adequately trap new impurities that enter the water.

The Benefits of Cleaning your Hot Tub Filter with Vinegar

One of the most effective and inexpensive household disinfectants you can buy is white vinegar. It's completely non-toxic and safe for your family, and it cuts through stubborn layers of grime with ease. The acidic properties enable vinegar to dissolve and remove water deposits, scale, and oil without being an irritant. There's no mistaking the strong scent of straight vinegar, but rest assured that the smell will dissipate long before your filter is back in the hot tub.

A Simple Guide to Filter Cleaning with Vinegar

Large pieces of debris can be rinsed from your hot tub filter with a garden hose or sink faucet. The tougher substances like calcium require a soak in a diluted vinegar solution. You will need a bucket large enough to submerge the entire filter in a roughly 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar. It's completely safe to leave it overnight, especially if you're not sure when the last thorough cleaning of your filter took place. Try to leave the hot tub filter submerged at least a couple of hours before checking the progress, and move it around once to ensure that every part is exposed to the cleanser.

Once you are happy with the cleaning and disinfecting effects of the vinegar solution, do a thorough rinse in a sink or with the outside hose to ensure that all of the solution is removed. Place it in the sunlight to allow it to air dry and clear the residual vinegar odor before reinstalling.

Cleaning you cartridge filter VS Replacing your cartridge filter

It's recommended to completely clean out a hot tub filter monthly, or more often for a tub that is used frequently. Your family deserves to relax in sparking clean hot tub water, and an occasional thorough cleaning is the best way to provide this luxury.

A significant time of neglecting to clean your filter may raise the question of whether it would be better to completely replace this accessory. Big debris like dirt and bugs can be removed with a simple rinse, but minerals and oils become increasingly stubborn the longer they have been left on a filter. If vinegar does not bring your filter back to great condition, a stronger solution like AquaDoc filter cleaner should do the trick.

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