Removing Rust Stains from Hot Tub Surface - Step-by-Step Guide

How to Clean Rust Stains off of a Hot Tub

Discover comprehensive methods to remove stubborn rust stains from your hot tub, ensuring a pristine appearance and prolonging its longevity. Follow our expert advice for a hassle-free cleaning process.
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Having rust in your hot tub can make it disgusting and unpleasant to use. It can also damage your hot tub or spa, making you incur more repair or replacement costs. Many parts of a hot tub are metallic, making rust more likely to accumulate on the surfaces.

Rust on a hot tub can come about for several reasons, but there are also many ways to get rid of it. Regular maintenance of your hot tub is critical if you want to prevent rust. But then what happens when you already have it in your hot tub?

First, you need to act as soon as you start seeing rust on the surfaces. That will help you avoid too much damage when the problem worsens. In this article, we provide insights on some remedies you can take to do away with rust.
Read on to find out more.

TLDR: Here's a cheat code before you get into running a million DIY experiments. Want to remove rust from your hot tub - and more importantly - keep it from coming back? 

Here's the 3 products you need to remove rust stains:

  • Spa Metal Prevent & Removal - This will help to remove current rust stains, and more importantly, it will avoid them coming back.
  • Spa Stain & Scale - This provides a similar benefit, in that it will help remove and prevent stains. This will also help with scale buildup and preventing stains caused by this + metals.
  • Spa Surface Cleaner - This is a strong surface cleaner specifically designed for use with hot tubs. It helps you remove metal and scale stains + wipe away scumlines.

If you have, or purchase those, then you're all set to remove & prevent rust buildup.

One extra note - depending on where the rust stains are forming, this may require a drain and refill

Best DIY Ways to Remove Hot Tub Rust Stains

1. Mix hydrogen peroxide with cream of tartar

It is one of the efficient methods you can consider for cleaning a hot tub. Both tartar cream and hydrogen peroxide are easy to acquire locally. Besides, they are comfortable and efficient to use for rust removal purposes.

The first step is mixing the two ingredients to form a thick paste. Then go ahead and apply the paste on the affected surfaces of your hot tub. Let it sit for 20 – 30 minutes before using a damp sponge to scrub off the paste and rust that's now all gone.

If you thought cream of tartar was just a cooking ingredient, now you know that it does more than that. It is better to use it for such purposes as it's infrequently used for cooking. Its chemical properties that create reactions when cooking also do the same for cleaning.

2. Use Pumice sticks

You can rub rust from your hot tub easily using pumice sticks. It is a simple technique to use as pumice sticks are available in any supermarket. They are relatively easy to use and can help you get rid of rust effortlessly. But then, you need to be cautious as you use pumice sticks.

For instance, you should only work with moistened pumice sticks. Remember to remoisten as you continue rubbing the rust off. Also, scrub the surface gently to avoid causing irreversible damage that could be costly to repair.

It would be best if you rubbed the pumice sticks only on the affected areas. After that, leave it on for a few minutes, and the stains will begin to fade. Soak a cloth in acid and use it to clean any residue left on the surface. The results will be clean and shiny surfaces of your hot tub.

3. Mix baking soda with vinegar

Individually, baking soda and vinegar are convenient cleaning agents in our homes. But then, a mix between the two forms an effective homemade rust remover. This mixture is a perfect solution for rust-stained surfaces, especially on hot tubs.

It works best on fiberglass-coated hot tubs. However, it could take longer to see the results compared to other methods. You only need to mix the two ingredients then pour them over the surface of your hot tub affected by rust.

The last step is wiping the surface with a cloth soaked in vinegar. That will help clear the residue on the surface and ensure a clean surface. Besides cleaning, vinegar is efficient in fixing slow or clogged drains to ensure water flows freely.

4. Scrub the surface with Shaw's pad

The Shaw's pad is an efficient and non-toxic cleaning agent that works well in eliminating rust from surfaces. The ease of use that this method brings forth is one reason to consider it for cleaning. But then, you need a lot of energy to scrub off the rust from surfaces.

The first step is dipping Shaw's pad in water and rubbing the affected surface. The fact that you need to scrub vigorously doesn't mean you'll scratch the surface. The Shaw's pad is friendly to the surface as long as you wet the tub before starting to work. It is one of the convenient ways to remove rust from your hot tub.

5. Clean easily with a potato

You can tackle rust in your tub using a potato and regular dish soap. Besides being a delicious food, potatoes contain oxalic acid that makes them an efficient cleaning agent. They are available locally and not difficult to access whenever you need them for cleaning.

The oxalic acid in potatoes is what breaks down the rust from surfaces. The preparation and application processes are also easy to follow. Start by peeling the potato, then cut it lengthwise into two halves and dip it into regular dish soap.

Go ahead and rub the surface dipped in dish soap on the rusted surface. Sometimes you may notice the potato surface starting to slick, but that shouldn't trouble you. Cut the slicked potato surface off and dip it afresh into the dish soap and rub again.

Continue rubbing until the rust clears from the surface. Go ahead and rinse the surface of the hot tub and dry it using a cloth.

Explore alternatives

Those are some of the methods that you can use to remove rust from your hot tub. Failure to act on the rust quickly may lead to a clogged hot tub. Therefore, you need to follow the steps indicated above to ensure that the rust clears before causing irreversible damage.

The best thing about these methods is that they're convenient and efficient. Give yourself the gift of time to clean your home, and your hot tub is a great place to start. Don't be afraid to try another rust removing idea on this list if one doesn't work for you.

Also, feel free to explore other options, such as using professional-grade hot tub cleaners. We sell a variety of high-quality products that could help get the job done quickly. Feel free to contact us now for any questions about our stain and scale control formula for hot tub rust removal.

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