9 ways you know you're a hot tub owner

9 ways you know you're a hot tub owner

If you find yourself relating to any of these things on the list, you're probably a hot tub owner. And that's awesome!

Hellooooo fellow hot tub aficionados! If you've got a bubbling oasis in your backyard, you're part of an exclusive club that knows how to soak in style. Let's dive into these laugh-out-loud moments that only those with a love for hot tubs will truly get.

1. You're a Water Wizard - Poseiden-ish

Chemistry class? More like chemistry "spa-tacular!" You've got water testing down to a science. Forget those pH strips; you can practically read your water's mood with just a glance.

2. Your Backyard = Party Central

Your backyard isn't just a backyard anymore; it's Margaritaville. Floating bars, waterproof Uno cards, disco lights that could rival a nightclub – you've turned your outdoor space into the ultimate hot tub party paradise. It may even be lacking in gadgets, but it's rarely low on people.

3. Swimsuits are scrutinized

You've dealt with too many water issues to let just any bathing suit with oils and organics get into your water. You have specific swimsuits meant for the hot tub & some hot tub nights are missing swimsuits altogether :)

4. You Laugh at Mother Nature

Rain, snow, sleet, or hail – nothing can keep you from your hot tub. You've embraced all four seasons and know that a good soak is the ultimate weather-defying move.

5. Utility Bills Are Your Monthly Rollercoaster

Your monthly bills are a wild ride of emotions. You can't deny the warm embrace of your hot tub, but when that energy bill hits, you're left questioning your life choices.

6. You're a Youtube inspired Hot Tub Expert

You've gone from amateur handyman to hot tub hero. As long as it doesn't require a full-fledged plumbing license, you're on it. YouTube tutorials are your trusty sidekick in the world of DIY spa repairs.

7. "Hot Tub and Chill?" is Your Catchphrase

You're the unofficial party planner among your friends. Your hot tub gatherings have names, themes, and a dedicated group chat. "Hot Tub and Chill?" – you're the undisputed champ of spa soirées.

8. Nighttime Astronomer Extraordinaire

There's something truly magical about stargazing from your cozy tub. You've contemplated the meaning of life, the existence of aliens, and the recipe for the perfect margarita under the night sky.

9. You Speak Fluent Hot Tub

You've developed your own secret language. "Jets," "chlorine tablets," and "floating thermometers" are all part of your daily convo. You're basically a hot tub whisperer.

Being a hot tub owner isn't just about owning a hot tub; it's a lifestyle.

You've conquered the water chemistry, the DIY challenges, and turned your tub into a social hub. Cheers to all you hot tub heroes – may your water always be crystal clear, and your laughter never-ending! 🌊💦 #HotTubLife #SoakSquad #SpaVibes #BubblesAndLaughs

Share this hilarious take on hot tub ownership with your fellow spa-loving friends and keep the laughter and bubbles flowing!

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