Hot Tub Cloudy Water Kit

After a long tiring day, just when you are ready to enjoy a relaxing soak in your hot tub, it’s a bummer to discover the water has turned cloudy. While it’s not uncommon and isn’t too difficult to fix, it sure is unpleasant because cloudy water means you have some work to do on your hot tub and spa.

Don't worry. We have a quick fix for your hot tub's cloudy water problem. But before we jump into it, let's see what made your spa hot tub misty. Dirty filters, old water, body oils, and cosmetic products. But the main reason could be one of the following: low pH, high alkalinity, and low sanitized water in general.

Over time, the overused water, dirty filters, and excessive oils or organic matter in your spa & hot tub can alter your water chemistry and lead to cloudy and unsafe water resulting in an unpleasant experience. Therefore, it is important to regularly sanitize your spa & hot tub water and keep your filters clean.

Now you can spend hundreds of dollars hiring a hot tub and spa cleaning service or give our Professional-Grade Cloudy Water Kit a try.

What's in our Hot tub & Spa Cloudy Water Kit?

  1. Chlorine-Free Shock - 32 OZ
  2. Sanitizer (Chlorinating Granules - 32 OZ / Bromine Tablets - 1.5 LBS)
  3. pH Increaser - 32 FL OZ
  4. pH Decreaser - 32 FL OZ
  5. Filter Cleaner - 16 FL OZ

Why is our Cloudy Water Kit all you need?

  • Enhanced Non-Chlorine Shock boosts your Chlorine and Bromine, making your sanitizer last longer. Use our Non-Chlorine shock to make your sanitizer more efficient & reduce the sanitizer smell.
    Non chlorine oxidizing shock
  • Our pH increaser and Decreaser for the hot tub will help you maintain your hot tub chemistry balance. If your spa's pH measure is below its range, use pH Increaser to raise the pH and if the pH measure is above its range, use pH Decreaser to reduce it. 
    ph increaser ph decreaser
  • Our Sanitizers rapidly dissolve into your water to work fast to help balance and sanitize your water. If your spa is chlorine compatible, use our Chlorinating Granules and if your spa is bromine compatible, use our Bromine Tablets to sanitize your spa.
    spa chlorine granules hot tub bromine tablets
  • Our Filter Cleaner helps improve the efficiency and lifetime of pool and spa filters. Its soak-and-rinse formula helps clean cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth filters.
    hot tub filter cleaner

Here's how you can use our Cloudy water kit in 6 simple steps to help fix your cloudy spa and hot tub problem:

  1. Clean filters with our Filter Cleaner.

  2. Shock spa using Non-Chlorine Shock and add sanitizer.

  3. If your spa is chlorine compatible, use Chlorinating Granules, and if it is bromine compatible, use our Bromine Tablets.

  4. Adjust pH and/or alkalinity with our pH Increaser & Decreaser.

  5. Run jet pump(s) and clean filters with our Spa Filter Cleaner

  6. Drain, clean, and refill the spa

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