The Ultimate Pool Care Cheat Sheet for Spring 2024

The Ultimate Pool Care Cheat Sheet for Spring 2024

Maintaining your swimming pool can be stressful for first-time pool owners, and going to a pool retailer for assistance can be much more scary. That’s why we created the ultimate pool care cheat sheet to make opening up your pool not look like a warzone!

1. Knowing the correct size of your pool

Before you purchase anything or test your water, you need to know how many gallons your pool can hold. Find your pool type in the sections below, and then use the formulas to calculate your pool's volume.

For pools with a single depth

For calculating the volume of a square or rectangular pool with only one depth, use the following simple formula:

Length x Width x Depth x 7.5 = Volume in Gallons

For example, say you have a 10-foot-by-22-foot rectangular above ground pool that has a water depth of 4 feet. Here’s the calculation to determine its volume:

20 feet x  10 feet x 4 feet x 7.5 = 6,000 gallons

A pool with progressive depth changes

If your pool has a steady descent to the deep end, utilize the following equation:

The volume in gallons is calculated by multiplying the length, width, and average depth by 7.5.

Use this calculation to calculate your pool's average depth:

Average Depth = (Shallow End Depth + Deep End Depth) divided by 2

Here's an example. You have an inground pool of 12 feet by 24 feet, with a 3-foot shallow end and an 8-foot deep end. First, you determine the average depth:

(3 feet + 8 feet)/2 = 5.5 feet

Then, you plug your numbers into the volume equation:

24 feet x 12 feet x 5.5 feet x 7.5 = 11,880 gallons

So this pool can hold 11,880 gallons of water.

2. Pool Care Chemicals

By calculating your pool size, you’ll be able to know exactly how many pool care chemicals you’ll need to use to properly clean your pool and open it up this spring. 

Make sure to fill your spring shopping list with these essential pool care products.

 1. Pool Starter

Opening up the pool doesn’t have to be a battle when you use a high quality pool starter that has the perfect combination of chemicals to balance out the pH levels, sanitize and also control algae growth. 

 2. Algaecide

Algae love to flourish in warm weather. That’s why it’s essential to stock up on high-quality algaecide that’ll destroy any sign of algae at the microscopic level. Our algaecide solution comes as part of our pool opening bundle!

3. Pool Clarifier

It’s common to have murky water once you lift your pool cover up - but with the right solution, this problem can be solved faster than you think! This is where a pool clarifier comes in handy. We highly recommend this  top-selling pool clarifier that is eco-friendly, acts fast and doesn’t consist of harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation. 

4. Pool Stabilizer and Conditioner

If you want crystal-clear water while lowering your maintenance cost at the same time, we recommend you add our Pool Stabilizer and Conditioner to your shopping list. This top-selling product helps you reduce chlorine loss and protects your pools’ chlorine from UV damage. 

3. Weekly Maintenance is Key

Once you properly clean your swimming pool, the only way to maintain its clarity is by making sure these boxes get checked weekly.

1. Test, test and test!

Testing your water is like holding a compass that shows you the condition your water is in and what steps to take next if the balance is off. It’s advised that water testing be done weekly. A lot of pool owners test their pool water on Sunday evening, after the weekend’s over. After testing, it’s advised to shock the pool.

2. Add shock solution and algaecide

Add these chemicals to your pool weekly to maintain normal water balance and avoid algae growth, which turns the water yellow or green. 

3. Regularly vacuum your pool

Vacuuming is essential to fully cleaning the bottom of your pool from things that have been left behind that the naked eye can’t see. Weekly vacuuming will help avoid staining in your pool, algae growth and keeping your water crystal clear.

4. Brush down your pool

Although brushing your pool may not seem like the most fun thing to do, it massively impacts the condition of your pool water and prevents algae growth. 

5. Clean the surface of your pool with a net

You can do this as often as you want, but if you want crystal clear water, make sure to do it daily. Winds can blow away tree debris, bugs and other small particles that can clog your filters. 

Opening your pool doesn’t have to be a nightmare! With the right maintenance tips and pool care chemicals, you can undeniably achieve water balance and enjoy the hot weather with crystal clear waters in the oasis of your own backyard while sipping on a nice cold drink under the sun!