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Spa and hot tub water is foamy - reducing water clarity.

Common underlying issues:

Listed in order of likelihood to be the underlying issue.

  • Organic contaminants or microcontaminants
  • Water is out of balance
  • Calcium hardness level too low

    Steps to diagnose & treat the underlying issue:

    1. Use a hot tub defoamer to remove the foam.
      Using AquaDoc's Hot Tub Defoamer is a quick and effective way to reduce hot tub foam. If the foam goes away and does not return, then the issue is resolved.

      However, foamy water is often a symptom of an underlying issue. It's likely that you'll need to take further steps to fully correct your issue.
    2. Remove the organic microcontaminants.
      • Add 1oz of AquaDoc's Natural Enzyme for every 250 gallons of water. Circulate water for at least 15 minutes before use. This will remove organic contaminants such as oils, sunscreens, and makeup.
      • Add 2oz of AquaDoc's Spa Clarifier for every 250 gallons of water. This will combine the microcontaminants together so that the filter is able to capture and remove them from the water. Turn the filtration system on until the water is clear
    3. Ensure Alkalinity levels are balanced.
      • If Alkalinity is low - Use Alkalinity Increaser
      • If Alkalinity is high - There is no Alkalinity Decreaser. You must always use pH Decreaser to reduce Alkalinity levels
    4. Ensure pH Levels are Balanced.
    5. Check for Low Calcium levels. Increase Calcium. Use an at home calcium hardness test or take your water to a local spa retailer for testing. Use Spa Calcium Increaser to bring water to proper calcium levels.
      • Chlorine & Bromine Calcium levels should be 75 to 150ppm
      • Saltwater Systems should be  25 to 75ppm

    Preventing Foamy Water

    Responsible use and regular hot tub maintenance are the keys to preventing the buildup of foam in your hot tub water. 

    Responsible hot tub usage:

    • Shower before using the hot tub
    • Avoid wearing makeup, lotions, and oils. Ideally use your hot tub at night or position in a shaded area to avoid needing to use sunscreen.
    • Rinse bathing suit before use. Ideally, try to have a dedicated suit just for the hot tub and avoid using detergent when washing.
    • Cover your hot tub when not in use
    • Avoid the strong temptation to use bath bombs

    Responsible hot tub maintenance to avoid cloudy water:

    • Regularly check and balance spa calcium levels
    • Add 1oz Natural Enzyme per 250 gallons of water once a week
    • Add 2oz Spa Clarifier for every 250 gallons twice a week

    Summary of cloudy water treatment products